Dixie Bowden

Intuitive Empath

Womens Healing Arts Teacher

Holistic Womens Wellness Coach

I am a gifted Intuitive Empath, mystic muse, evolutionary catalyst, Spiritual Empowerment Guide, Womens Healing Arts teacher and Holistic Womens Wellness Coach. While tapping into my  psychic abilities and knowledge of natural healing for women of all ages, I am able to guide clients to connect with their soul wisdom and empower themselves so that they may bring healing and balance to their lives. I am passionate about assisting women to reconnect with the earth and the heavens and to honour and embody the divine feminine spirit within themselves. Through the mentorship program, holistic womwnes wellness coaching program, individual healing sessions, psychic card readings and teaching classes my hope is to help bring healing and balance to women in the community, with a rippling effect out to the entire world.

Services Include:
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“I keep holding up the mirror of the sun,
so you can see the stunning reflections of everything
you’re becoming.”


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