Spiritual Empowerment Mentorship Program

                                                                                         Have you ever wondered what your purpose is here on                                                                                          earth in this life time? Do you question the truth of the                                                                                           reality that is presented to you on a daily basis? Do you                                                                                          wish to innerstand the energetic workings of you own                                                                                              soul and the world around you? Do you desire to                                                                                                    transform your personal life so that you are living  your                                                                                           dreams to the fullest potential?

                                                                                         If so, this program is for you.

                                                                                         This is a comprehensive program that incorporates a                                                                                           holistic and spiritual way of living. Through this                                                                                           program you will discover deep truths about yourself                                                                                           and how you perceive the world around you. You will begin to heal old traumas and change self limiting beliefs. You will learn different aspects of esoteric study that will assist you to embody the fullest potential of who you are. Individual sessions will connect you to you highest potential and expand your intuitive knowing and psychic abilities. You will come to innerstand the subtle aspects of learning through your perception of your own soul and your place in the Universal plan. Through this knowledge and experience you will be guided to your true purpose and power in this life.

    Mentoring packages

         Holistic Spiritual  Empowerment Immersion Package      

             - two in person sessions per month (includes energetic healing, readings and teachings as needed)

             - two 60 minute phone sessions

             - notes and worksheets to assist in your spiritual development

             - journal and reflection assignments

             - personal astrological influences package

             - dream interpretation

             - unlimited text or email communications

             - high priority assistance when needed         



          Basic Spiritual Empowerment package

             - one in person session per month (includes energetic healing, readings and teachings as needed)

             - One 60 minute phone session

             - journal and reflection assignments

              - unlimited text or email communications

     These are personalized programs and session length depends on what is needed at the time. I will only be taking        on students who are interested in fully committing to their own spiritual journey. A Psychic Tarot Card reading        is a prerequisite to entering the mentorship program. Please contact me for further details. 






If this sounds like what you need in your life at this time, please contact Dixie to schedule a consultation.

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